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The TOX is completely constructed in AISI 304 stainless steel and no synthetic materials are used in any of the components.
This prevents stratification of the formation of chalk deposits, making the pumps particulary suitable for very hard water.
The pumps are normally used for draining cloudy water containing solid particles with a diameter of up to Ø 10mm, or non-flammable, non explosive mid-aggressive liquids.
The simplicity of the design makes maintenance cheap and easy since only 6 screws have to be unscrewed to replace the float and obtain access to other parts
The single phase version is equipped with an overheating cut-out
Can operate completely submersed or partially submersed on automatic or manual control
The sealed watertight AISI 304 stainless steel motor is cooled by the liquid which is pumped, has an air cooled winding with class F insulation and IP68 grade of protection
Emptying of water traps and collection tanks of:
- Meteoric water
- Ground water
- Water discharged from dishwashers, washing machines and domestic appliances in general
- Emergency pumping out of cellars, underpasses and garages
- Applications in floricolture, horticulture and agriculture in general
- Industry in general
Max Flow-rate: 200 lit/min
Max Temp Liquid: 55 Deg C (Continuous Operation) 70 Deg C (Brief Periods)
Immersion Depth: 10m max
Min Submersion: 20mm
Operating Pressure: 1.5Bar
Pump produced in AISI 304 Stainless Steel
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