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Grundfos offers a full range of extremely depend-able wastewater pumps, made entirely or partly of high-grade stainless steel.
These powerful pumps are built for handling aggressive waste-water, process water, and unscreened raw sewage in aggressive environments.
The stainless steel pumps are available in three different versions: Version R, made entirely of stainless steel; version S, where the pump housing, flange and impeller are stainless steel; and version Q, where only the impeller is stainless steel.
Operation with/without cooling jacket
Submerged or dry installation
Different types of impellers
Built-in motor protection
Various executions in stainless steel
Liquids with a pH value between 2 and 14
Control and protection systems
External cooling water
External seal flush system
Transfer of wastewater and raw water
Pumping of highly aggressive liquids
Pulp and paper industries
Flow, Q: max. 215 l/s (774 m3/h)
Head, H: max. 50 m
Liquid temp.: 0°C to +40°C
Discharge diameter: DN 80 to DN 250
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