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This series of electric self prime close coupled pumps has the characteristic of the nozzle and venturi being housed in the pump body. The fluid generated by the impeller is passed only in part to the outlet, the remaining fluid is recycled by means of the venturi system which is connected within the pump body. This allows the self prime function.
At the first starting, it is enough to fill the pump body with the liquid that, circulating through the venturi, transfers the air from the suction to the delivery, ejecting it through the delivery piping.
Therefore the vacuum which is generated makes the liquid go up along the suction piping, allowing the prime function.
The presence of the venturi system enables these pumps to be insensitive to the presence of air into the pumped liquid.
Self Priming capabilities
Pump available with built in injector or external injector for use in wells (cast iron only)
Single phase motors with a built in thermal overload protection on request, the capacitor is permanently in circuit
Motor protection to IP44 (available in IP55 upon request).
Winding insulation to class F
Standard voltage: 230V- 50Hz single phase, 230V/400V- 50Hz three phase.
Other voltages and frequencies available upon request
General water supply, pressurization of water by using pressure vessels (autoclaves) horticultural irrigation, mist irrigation, dairy, farm also industrial applications.
Water transfer and garden watering applications.
Note: it is generally advisable to fit either a non-return valve or foot-valve to the suction.
Capacities up to 10 m3/h
Heads up to 69 meters
Liquid quality required; clean free from solids or abrasive substances and non aggressive
Maximum Temperature of pumped liquid -15°C to 50°C
Maximum ambient temperature 40°C. For higher temperatures please contact sales office.
Maximum working pressure 8 bar.
The tolerances of the hydraulic features are according to UNI / ISO 2548 - C1ass C, Appendix B, electric features according to C.E.I.
The working features listed in the catalogue are based on continuous service for clear water with a specific weight of 1000kg/m3.
Manometric suction lift up to of 8÷9 meters, for a suction lift of above 5 meters it is advisable to install the suction pipe with a internal diameter larger than the pump inlet.
Pump body in cast iron.
Pressed brass impeller, or in thermoplastic resin.
Diffuser in thermoplastic resin.
Mechanical seal in carbon/ceramic.
Rotor shaft in steel fitted with seal for life bearings.
Totally enclosed fan cooled motor (TEFC)
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