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The DME/DMS & DDI range are single stage standard electronically controlled dosing pumps.
Digital Dosing represents innovation in its purest form. This patented Grundfos solution uses new principles and methods to set an entirely new standard for dosing technology. It makes your job a lot easier and your results a lot better.
The Digital DosingTM range eliminates the need for complicated calculations associated with other dosing equipment. In effect, the simple user interface lets you be your own dosing specialist, using a minimal number of buttons to give access to an impressive range of control features.
Precise capacity setting directly in ml or l
Full diaphragm control
Stroke speed or frequency capacity control
Operation panel with display and one-touch buttons
Front or side fitted operation panel
Manual/pulse control
Control panel lock
4-20 mA control
Pulse/timer based batch control
Anti-cavitation function
Easy calibration function
Fieldbus communication module (optional)
Leakage sensor
Injection of chemicals in water and waste water treatment systems, washing systems, swimming pools and process plants
Capacity, Q: max. 940 l/h
Pressure P: max. 18 bar
Liquid temp.: +50°C
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