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Sera offers an extensive choice of diaphragm dosing pumps which can be used for many applications with a wide range of pumphead materials available.
They are designed for industrial use and guarantee highest operational reliability.
Single and multi-headed pumps can be supplied to match your process requirements. Multi-Layer Diaphragm (ML) versions available with diaphragm rupture monitoring - reduced maintenance costs compared to double-diaphragm. Piston diaphragm pumps for high pressure applications.
High dosing accuracy
Single or multi-headed
210-250V 50/60Hz or 3~380V-420V/N/PE 50/60Hz motors
Fixed speed or convertor
Atex95 or API675 available
Long service life of diaphragms
High-quality materials
Low maintenance
Safe to Run Dry
Wide range of fittings and accessories
Liquid chemicals into water, waste water, power plant, F&B with aggressive, odorous, abrasive, radioactive, viscous or toxic properties.
Capacity, Q: max. 3100 l/h
Pressure P: max. 220 bar
Liquid temp.: +2°C to +40°C
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