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A key feature of the cantilever pump is that there are no bearings or bushings submerged therefor the pump is capable of handling solids, even abrasive types without external flushing.
The benefit of having no seals in contact with the product means temperatures can exceed 500C and the pump can operate dry without causing any damage.
The Cantilever pump primes automatically when the liquid covers the impeller, so an additional benefit is that the pump can even run without level controls. The suction pipe allows to empty tanks up to metres in depth.
Thanks to a very strong construction and no mechanical wearing, the cantilever pump has almost no maintenance costs, which will reward the main initial purchase costs.
Available in many different construction options:
RC: Impeller: VORTEX Materials: AISI 316/CAST IRON
RB: Impeller: CHANNEL Materials: AISI 316/CAST IRON
Closed and open impeller available on request.
RCC: Independent bearing
RCD: Independent bearing – External Installation
RCE: Independent bearing – Extreme Temperatures
RCF: Close Coupled
RCG: Close Coupled – External installation
Suitable for handling solids, even abrasive types, without external flushing. No seals in contact with the liquid, it means temperatures can exceed 500° C degrees and the pump can operate dry Primes automatically when the liquid covers the impeller, so it can even run without level controls. Almost no maintenance costs.
Sump Applications
Boiler Blow Down
  Effluent Industries
Maximum flow rate: 400 m3/h
Maximum head: 60 mwc
Maximum pressure: 16 BAR
Standard: AISI 316 SS - G250
On request: Special materials
Flanged PN 10 - PN 16
Flanged ANSI 150 RF (on request)
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