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Grundfos Hydro booster sets are designed for the transfer and pressure boosting of clean water in waterworks, blocks of flats, hotels, industry, hospitals, schools, etc.
A Grundfos Hydro booster set consists of 2 or 6 CRE pumps coupled in parallel and mounted on a common base frame provided with all the necessary fittings.
The Hydro booster set is supplied without dry running protection. A dry-running protection device must be fitted prior to start-up. When delivered, the Grundfos Hydro booster set is factory-tested and ready for operation.
Pump suitable when controlled operation is required, i.e. consumption fluctuates
Pump suitable when a constant pressure is required
Pump ideal when the control and monitoring of the performance is required
Adjustable pump performance
Improved comfort thanks to minimum noise emission, constant pressure control
Reduced water hammer effect (only electronically speed-controlled pumps)
Forced pump changeover ensures that the pumps run for the same number of operating hours over time
Alternative setpoints - it is possible to set up to six set-points as alternatives to the primary set-point
Standby pumps - It is possible to let one or more pumps function as standby pumps
Number of starts per hour this function limits the number of pump starts and stops per hour
All optional equipment, if required, must be specified when ordering the Hydro MPC booster set, as it must be fitted from factory prior to delivery.
Diaphragm tank - it is normal to install a diaphragm tank on the discharge side of the booster set
Redundant primary sensor - increases reliability
Dry-running protection
Bypass valve
Emergency operation or repair switch
Various Panel & Operational Indicator Lights
Flow, Q: max. 540 m3/h
Head, H: max. 160 m
Liquid temp.: 0°C to +70°C
Op. press: max. 16 bar
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