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Submersible enbloc electric pumps MBS and surface pumps MBS-H: 42 different models for installations in well, in tank or on surface. The MBS series of pumps can be installed in 6" deep wells as submersed motor-driven pumps or as submersible pumps in open wells, basins, tubs or tanks. MBS-H version is for surface installations.
The electric pumps MBS series are suitable for use with frequency changer. You can address to our technical servicing for any further information.
Two mechanical seals with interposed oil chamber
Enbloc shaft in AISI 431 SS, supported in three points
Versions with Head higher than 60 m: upper support in precision casted AISI 304 steel
MBS-H version, suction base in precision casted AISI 304 steel
Diffusers with self-centring wear ring
Upon request: complete control box
Motor: asynchronous induction motor, with outer jacket in AISI 304 steel, cooled by the pumped liquid.
Protection class: IP68
The pump-motor unit is easily dismantled and repaired cost
For water supply from tanks, basins or tubs and from open wells (large wells) or from 6" wells for residential, civil or agricultural use and for pressurizing water in general
Qmax: 18 m3/h – Hmax: 113 m
Temperature of pumped liquid: min 0°C – max 40°C
Maximum quantity of sand allowed in water: 50 g/m3
Suction of solid bodies: max mm 2.5 (X series: 2 mm)
Minimum level of liquid: 100mm from bottom of suction grid
Maximum depth of application: up to 70 m below the water level
Pump: UNI EN ISO 9906 Annex A. Motor: IEC 60034-1 standard
Outer jacket: made entirely from AISI 431 stainless steel, including delivery casing with 1" G threaded outlet
Impellers and diffusers: hardwearing, thermoplastic resin. Diffusers fitted with self-adjustable wear rings
Enbloc pump and motor shaft made entirely from AISI 431 stainless steel, supported at three points
Permanently pre-lubricated bearings
Seals: two mechanical seals: Graphite/alumina oxide seal on motor side; alumina oxide/silicon carbide seal on pump side. Interposed oil chamber (FDA-approved, non-toxic oil)
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