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From aggressive to shear-sensitive and viscous materials, the Albin Peristaltic Hose pumps can handle the toughest applications in the handling of raw materials and soap & detergents manufacturing processes.
Albin Hose pumps offer tremendous fluid transfer versatility, ranging from waste stream removal to offering an alternative solution to seal-less gear pumps when handling highly shear-sensitive products. The pumps also offer excellent lift capabilities, high discharge pressures and smooth tubing transfer of material.
12 different sizes available that provide flow rates of 30 to 66,000 L/h
Handles abrasive fluids with little wear since only the hose and hose inserts are in contact with the material being pumped
Aggressive and contaminated fluids can be processed without the devastating damage experienced by other pumping technologies since only the inside of the hose and hose inserts are in contact with the pumpage
Hoses are constructed of natural rubber, Buna, or EPDM within the pump's casing, provide high levels of volumetric accuracy for sampling, transfer, and metering applications
Ability to pass solids in the material being pumped
Dry-run capability allows tank and line stripping
Seal-less design eliminates leaks, contamination and wear problems associated with difficult to seal products
Self-priming up to 29.5 feet (9 meters)
Reversible operation allows pumping in both directions
Durable construction of ductile cast iron and stainless steel construction allow higher discharge pressures up to 15 bar
Low maintenance, hose is the only part that suffers wear
We have the best hoses on the market, we only work with high quality compounded rubbers, reinforced with four individual layers of braided nylon and with an outer layer made to strict tolerances to ensure perfect compression and eliminating slip. We are one of the few working with four and up to six layers (on ALH125) of braided nylon reinforcement on our hoses making them last longer than other hoses on the market.
Food Manufacturing
Chemical Processing
Waste sludge treatment
Focculant dispersions
Lime liquor
Ceramic slips and paste
Cement slurries
  Urban or industrial waste water
Paint and Pigments – dispersions mill feed, pigment and latex transfer
Pulp and Paper – dyes, sizing agents, retention aids and titanium dioxide
Mining and mineral separation – tailing slurries, sludges and reagents
OEM – versions for systems available
Concrete pumping
Flow (lit/hr) – 30-66,000
Self priming up to 9 meters
Max Pressure (Bar) – 15
Max Temperature – NR max fluid tem 80 Deg C, min fluid temp -20 Deg C
– Buna N (NBR) max fluid tem 80 Deg C, min fluid temp -10 Deg C
– EPDM max fluid tem 90 Deg C, min fluid temp -10 Deg C
Pump Case – Ductile Cast Iron
Rotor – Ductile Cast Iron
Shoes – Aluminium or cast iron
Hoses – Natural Rubber (NR), Buna (NBR) or EPDM
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