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A Self priming pump recirculates the liquid in the pump casing to remove air from the suction line, enabling the pump to draw liquid through the suction line.
The Varisco J Series, the suction port incorporates a check valve which retains liquid in the casing when the pump is stopped, this means it is always ready to pump immediately when restarted. J Pumps are most commonly used when one of the following criteria is essential:
Self Priming
Solids Handling
Resistance to Abrasion
All pumps have open impellers, are capable of handling large diameter solids and fitted with replaceable wear plates, inspection of pumps is easily accessible and the pumps are ideal in many engineering applications.
Simple design, open impeller for improved solid handling & non-clogging performance: pump can handle a mixture of solids and liquids
Easily renewable impeller & wearplate for in-expensive & simple maintenance. This ensures the pump has low downtime and long service
Integral self-priming design ensures the pump runs reliably & regularly every time. Pump can handle entrained air without damage
Pump complete with non return valve – preventing the suction pipe from emptying when the pump is off
Several Shaft Sealing configurations including the standard single mechanical seal plus lip seal. Ideal for grease lubrication to ensure long trouble free seal life
Available in several materials such as cast iron, stainless steel & bronze
Pump suitable with DIN or ANSI Flanges, ATEX Certified and with several different drive options
  Waste Treatment / Effluent Plants
Water Handling
Capacity: 5-1200 m³/hr
Head: 10-80m
Port Sizes: 1½-12"
  Viscosity: Up to 50 cSt
Self Priming: Up to 7.5m
Available in: Stainless Steel, Cast Iron and Bronze
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