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The ZM are Specifically designed to handle chemical and corrosive fluids. They are centrifugal close-coupled pumps in thermoplastic materials, built through an injection moulding process. The structure is reinforced by fillings of glass or carbon fibre. Mechanical executions can be either single or double with inter-seal flush.
The pumps are able to transfer chemicals with a specific gravity up to 1,8. Three different motors are available for each model. The impeller is open, so there is no problem to transfer liquids containing solids in suspension.
Stable dimension and strong structure guaranteed by the molding of thermoplastic materials
Executions with single or doubled flushed mechanical seal
Solid plastic open impeller with metal core to allow frequent start-stop cycles
Diaphragm: special building procedure limits the damages in case of dry running and allows a quicker intervention and easy maintenance 
Simple construction: only two parts (casing and bracket) carry out all the hydraulic and mechanical process by reducing the surface of static sealage (OR) 
Chemicals and aggressive liquids
  Water Handling
Max Head – 40m
Max Capacity – 80m³/hr
  Max Temperature – 110 Deg C
Available Motor Power– 0.75 -11KW
Parts in contact with liquids: PP – PVC – PVDF
Mechanical seal: PTFE+V – SiC – CER – CARB – PTFE
OR gasket: FKM – EPDM – FFKM
Screws: AISI 304
Base (optional): INOX
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